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What is Buytherightcoin ?

Buytherightcoin was founded in the early 2022 to help users keep a track of upcoming events of cryptocurrency. The events data is currated by the inhouse team and community members for which they are awarded crystals which is our in house reward mechanism system. Out aim is to build a unified platform which gives you indepth details about all the cryptocurrencies, its ongoing development work, its marktcap changes, crypto volume and pricing details for the day. With these details will help the user in building the right portfolio for themselves, which can be very benifitial for long term goals. We also have a learning materials available in our Blogs sections, where users can learn basic topics around Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, NFT, Consensus Mechanism, Proof of Stake, Proof of Work, Cryptocurrency Mining, Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis, Staking ... etc.

How to check the current price of a cryptocurrency ?

You can check the current price of around 10,000 cryptocurrencies sourced from major cryptocurrency api provider (Coingecko). The pricing details for all the top cryptocurrencies can be easy search and navigated. You can visit the Coins tabs to get top cryptocurrencies by marketcap. You can find Top MovetoEarn Projects, Top PlaytoEarn Projects,Top Metaverse Projects,Top Solana Projects,Top Avalanche Projects,Top Binance Smart Chain Projects,Top IOT Projects, Top DeFi Projects, Top Gamefi Projects etc by clicking on the individual tabs under the Coins section.

What is 24hr Volume in Crypto ?

24hr Volume refers to the amount of cryptocurrency traded(Buy/Sell) on all exchanges in the last 24hrs in spot market. For example of 24hr Volume of Bitcoin is $15 Million, that means $15 Million worth of Bitcoin has been traded(Buy/Sell) in all the exchanges in 24hrs.

What is Market Cap in Crypto ?

Total Market Cap of cryptocurrency is the total value of all cryptocurrencies that are in circulation. Market Cap of a particular cryptocurrency is the total worth of all of its coins that are in circulation. Market capitalization of a particular cryptocurrency is the percentage of market share it has captured, the project which has the higher Market Cap ranks higher in the Market capitalization.

What is Total Supply of a Cryptocurrency ?

Total Supply of a cryptocurrency is the amount of token that can ever be mined in its lifetime. For example: The total supply of Bitcoin is 21,000,000.

What is Circulation Supply of a Cryptocurrency?

Circulation Supply of a cryptocurrency is the amount of token that are mined and are in circulation to be traded. Circulation supply will always be less then or equal to the Total Supply.